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Agronomists from all areas of the UK report weekly on their crop management from establishment to harvest. Keep up-to-date with their progress and the latest crop developments as the growing season progresses and key decisions on disease, pest and weed control have to be made.


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Crop Watch: Cultivate now to get ahead for spring

As crops receive their last sprays in what has been a kind if dry autumn, thoughts are turning to how to ensure spring crops get the best start in the…


Crop Watch: Concerns grow over propyzamide timing in OSR

This autumn is proving to be one that requires nerves of steel. A lot of patience was needed with delayed drilling to get a good blackgrass kill and now it’s…


Crop Watch: Patience pays off with late weed flush

Seed-bed conditions across the country are reported to be almost perfect following the dry conditions, although for those growers who took advantage of conditions early, blackgrass is already a problem.…


Crop Watch: Rising aphid threat to OSR and cereals

A mild autumn has seen crop growth accelerate in recent days, with oilseed rape and cereals growing away from the threat of slugs and flea beetle. Disease pressure remains low…

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North: Slug menace continues

Drilling progress is a real mixed bag, ranging from those who have hardly drilled any cereals, to those who are progressing well and will soon be finished. Soil type, quantity…

North: OSR stem bases weakened by storms

All crops have benefitted from the April rains although it has severely delayed T1 fungicide applications to wheat, with many applied with leaf two showing.  With flag leaves now emerging…

East: More rain and sunshine please

At this critical time for crop development and growth it is likely that the continued dry and cool conditions will impact on yields.  However, September drilled wheats in good soil…

North: Why Winter Barley?

What a difference a volcano makes! Not a 70s Motown classic, but a brief dose of reality. It would appear that this international crisis should have little impact on mainstream…

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