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Use this page to link to our module experts.

Adrian Briddon

Position: Technologist
Company: Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research

Adrian Briddon is Potato Council’s Technologist, based at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, carrying out research and technology transfer, principally in the areas of chemical…

Alastair Leake

Position: Director of Policy
Company: The Allerton Project

Dr Alastair Leake attained a BSc in Horticultural Science, specialising in biological crop protection, from Reading University. He joined the CWS (Co-op) in 1982 working…

Alice Midmer

Position: Project coordinator
Company: Leaf

Alice has a strong knowledge and experience base in the agricultural industry and through her work at Leaf has gained project co-ordination experience with the…

Alistair Gibb

Position: Consultant, Cedar Associates

He designs and delivers tailored leadership and management development programmes, some of which are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. One-to-one coaching is…

Andrew Bradley

Position: Clinical reader in Dairy Production Medicine and director of Quality Milk Management Services
Company: Bristol University

Following a period in dairy practice in south-west England, he returned to University at Bristol where he undertook research in aspects of mastitis control as well…

Andrew Kneeshaw

Position: Managing director
Company: Farm Energy Centre

Andrew has worked with the Farm Energy Centre for over 30 years, having trained in the electricity supply industry, with particular expertise in electrical systems…

Barrie Flemming

Position: Senior Veterinary Adviser
Company: St David’s Poultry Team at the Dick Vet

BVMS MRCVS, Barrie graduated from Glasgow University in 1993, immediately moving into production animal medicine within the Dairy and Beef industry. He joined Elanco Animal…

Barrie Florendine

Position: Potato Research and Development Manager
Company: Agrii

Barrie is Potato Research and Development manager with Agrii, He graduated with MSc in  Agronomy & Crop Protection from Reading University. His research interests include…

Barry Thorp

Position: Head of Poultry Team Scotland
Company: Dick Vet

MA Vet MB, MRCVS, a Glasgow University graduate, joined St David's from Aviagen in September 2008. After graduating Barry worked in general practice and then…

Ben Freer

Position: Head of Technical Services and Regional Agronomist
Company: NIAB TAG

Ben Freer is Head of Technical Services and Regional Agronomist for the South Region of NIAB TAG. A graduate of Bangor University, Ben cut his…

Ben Magri

Position: Application specialist
Company: Syngenta UK

Ben Magri and his team have spent the past 15 years researching and developing spray application methods, and launched a large range of custom nozzles.…

Bill Basford

Position: Independent Mechanisation Consultant

Since 2005 Bill has been an Independent Mechanisation Consultant with a special interest in crop protection equipment, biobeds and planning of farm sprayer filling sites.…

Bill Clark

Position: Commercial Technical Director
Company: NIAB

Bill Clark is the Commercial Technical Director at NIAB; formerly the director of Broom's Barn Research Centre, the UK National Sugar Beet Research Centre, and…

Caroline Drummond

Position: Chief executive
Company: Leaf

Her work focuses on encouraging more sustainable farming practices and building a better public trust and understanding of farming – values she is personally passionate…

Caroline Nicholls

Position: Research and knowledge transfer manager
Company: HGCA

Caroline has been with HGCA for six years and manages a portfolio of research projects on integrated pest management (IPM), including aphid monitoring and resistance.…

Cath Anthony

Company: Bidwells

Cath has been involved in a wide range of projects advising on the whole anaerobic digestion (AD) process including valuations, option and lease agreements, initial…

Charlie Lambert

Position: Consulting vet and partner
Company: Lambert Leonard and May

Charlie Lambert BVSc MRCVS is the son of a farmer from the Yorkshire dales and a natural farm vet. He has worked as a dairy…

Claire Wathes

Position: Professor veterinary reproduction
Company: Royal Veterinary College

Her main research focus is on farm animal reproduction, with a longstanding interest in the causes of infertility in dairy cows. This has led her…

Clive Blacker

Position: Director
Company: Precision Decisions

Clive Blacker is Director of Precision Decisions, which was set up in 2003 to supply leading edge technology into agriculture offering hardware, software, training and…

Colin Mason

Position: Veterinary centre manager
Company: SAC

Colin commenced his veterinary career in a 100% farm animal practice focusing predominantly on large, intensively managed dairy herds. Since that term he has worked…

David Cooke

Position: Senior Pathologist
Company: The James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute specialises in the phytophthora species. A first-class honours graduate in agricultural botany, David returned to University of Wales Aberystwyth to do…

David Davies

Dr David Davies worked at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research for 20 years, undertaking all aspects of silage research and knowledge transfer. In…

David Hendy

Position: Independent nutritionist

David Hendy is an independent nutritionist.

David Leaper

Position: Seed technical specialist
Company: Agrii

In 1997, he moved to Monsanto to launch take-all seed treatment Latitude. At the time he also assumed technical responsibility for the PBI seed portfolio.…

David Parsons

Position: Veterinary Consultant

When David qualified in 1975, he did not anticipate that he would spend most of his working life with poultry. The opportunities and experiences this…

Dr Andy Evans

Position: Research Entomologist/Nematologist
Company: Crop & Soil Systems, SRUC

Dr Andy Evans has worked at SRUC (previously known as SAC) in Edinburgh as a Researcher in Entomology/Nematology since 1991. He provides specialist support to…

Dr Basil Lowman

Position: Consultant
Company: Scottish Agricultural College

No biography available

Dr Clare Butler Ellis

Position: Head of Silsoe Spray Application Unit
Company: NIAB TAG

Clare began work on pesticide application at Silsoe Research Institute in 1994, and has conducted a wide range of research into nozzle and sprayer performance,…

Dr Paul Miller

Position: Specialist Advisor, Spray Applications
Company: NIAB TAG

Paul Miller is a trained agricultural engineer who has been involved with research and development relating to agricultural machinery since graduating in the early 1970’s. …

Dr Rob Davies

Position: Leader of the NRL/OIE Salmonella Reference Laboratory
Company: AHVLA

Dr. Rob Davies comes from a mixed farming background and spent 11 years in farm practice before moving to CVL Weybridge in 1990. Currently Rob…

Dr. Alan Buckle

Position: Chairman
Company: CRRU

Alan Buckle’s career has involved nearly 40 years of work on rodents and rodenticides. He started testing novel poisons against resistant rats for the Ministry…

Dr. David Glen

A graduate of the University of Glasgow, for the past 30 years David has specialised in the ecology, behaviour and integrated control of slugs as…

Dr. John Clarkson

Position: Plant Pathologist
Company: Warwick Horticultural Research Institute

On joining WHRI in 1993, John initially worked on forecasting foliar diseases of Brassica and Allium crops. Current research interests involve the general areas of…

Edward Miller

Sales Training Coordinator for Claas

Fraser Milne

Position: Independent Consultant
Company: Siguna Consultancy

Bio to come

George Caldow

Position: Senior Vet Investigation
Company: SAC

Bio to come

Giles Hanglin

Position: Director, Savills Agribusiness & Energy

Leading the Savills Energy solar rooftop business, Mr Hanglin advises clients on all aspects of making investments in solar PV to manage the challenges of…

Helen Chesshire

Position: Senior advisor
Company: The Woodland Trust

Helen Chesshire is a Senior Advisor with the Woodland Trust focusing on the role of trees in the farmed landscape. By developing partnerships with agricultural…

Ian Richards

Position: Principal Consultant
Company: Ecopt Consultancy

Bio to come

Jake French

ODA is a private, independent consulting firm which helps buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities manage market volatility and price risks.

James Clarke

Position: Science and Business Development Manager
Company: ADAS

James Clarke is the Science and Business Development Manager for soils, crops and water at ADAS; Chairman of the Pesticides Forum; Member of the British…

James Grischeff

Position: Senior Adviser
Company: Catchment Sensitive Farming

James provides a technical lead to the Catchment Sensitive Farming project across the country, focussing very much on nutrients/ soils and other Agricultural pollution issues.…

James Wallace

Position: Chairman
Company: UK ESTA Scheme

James Wallace is the chairman of the UK European Seed Treatment Assurance Stakeholders Group and Consultant to Dalton Seeds, Peterborough. He has spent over 30…

Jamie Robertson

Position: Honorary Research Fellow
Company: School of Biological Science, University of Aberdeen

Jamie Robertson is Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Biological Science at the University of Aberdeen. Previously he worked with SAC at the Centre…

Jim Orson

Position: Director
Company: The Arable Group

NIAB, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0LE Jim Orson is the Director of The Arable Group, part of the country’s largest independent crop research and information…

John Fishwick

Position: Head of the Department of Production and Population Health
Company: Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Currently he is head of department of production and population health and senior lecturer in dairy herd medicine at the Royal Veterinary College, University of…

John Tucker

Position: Director of Woodland Creation

John Tucker is a chartered forester with 30 years experience in multi-purpose woodland management.  John has worked for the Woodland Trust for 20 years and…

Jon Oakley

ADAS entomologist

Jonathan Blake (Dr)

Position: Senior Research Scientist
Company: ADAS UK Ltd

Jonathan is a Senior Research Scientist for ADAS. He is BASIS and FACTS qualified and has a wide ranging knowledge of the arable sector, following…

Julie Smith

Position: Adas Rosemaund, plant pathologist

She has led many projects concerned with the epidemiology and management of foliar, stem and root diseases. Her particular research interest is crop genetic improvement…

Kathryn Dun

Position: Farm Animal Practice Vet
Company: Royal (DICK) School of Veterinary Studies

Kathryn Dun BVM&S CertSHP MRCVS is Honorary Secretary for the Sheep Veterinary Society. She qualified as a veterinarian at the Dick Vet School, Edinburgh University…

Keith Cutler

Position: Cattle Specialist
Company: Endell Veterinary Group

Endell Veterinary Group, 49 Endless Street, Salisbury, SP1 3UH Tel: 07831 400978 Keith Cutler studied at the Bristol University Veterinary School qualifying in 1990 having…

Keith Goulding

Position: Head of the Department of Sustainable Soils
Company: Rothamsted Research

Dr Keith Goulding is a member of the Institute Executive Committee, Scientific Director for the Centre for Soils and Ecosystem Function and Head of the…

Lesley Stubbings

independent sheep consultant

Mark Ballingall

Position: Senior Weeds Consultant
Company: SAC Research

Mark Ballingall is a Senior Weeds Consultant at SAC Research where he has been working for the last six years. He has a BSc (hons)…

Mark Holman

National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

Mark Newton

Position: Head of renewables sector Fisher German

He has been involved in more than 300 wind farms in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and has also dealt with more than 500…

Mark Palmer

Position: Technical Manager
Company: Agrovista UK

Mark Palmer is a Technical Manager at Agrovista UK Ltd. He has a BSc (hons) in Agricultural Botany and aPhD in Plant Physiology from Bangor…

Mark Stevens (Dr)

Position: Lead scientist
Company: British Beet Research Organisation

He continues to manage a diverse research portfolio, with funding from competitive research grants awarded by levy bodies and government research organisations as well as…

Mark Tripney

independent consultant

Mark Williams

The British Egg Industry Council

Matt Lobley

Company: Centre for Rural Policy Research, University of Exeter

no biography available

Michael Clark

Position: Director Minster Veterinary Practice in Leicestershire

Michael Clark MA, VetMB, MRCVS graduated in 1996 from Cambridge University. He joined the practise in 1996 after four years working in Chipping Norton in…

Mike Kerby

Position: Partner
Company: Delaware Veterinary Group

After four years in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, he joined the Delaware Veterinary Group in Somerset/ Dorset in 1992 and became a partner in 1994. He heads…

Mike May

Position: Technical Consultant
Company: Evington Morris Associates Limited

Mike May has worked in sugar beet research since 1970, initially in weed control at the Weed Research Organization. In 1984 he moved to Morley…

Neil Havis

Position: Crop protection team leader
Company: SRUC

Dr Neil Harvis heads up the SRUC’s Crop Protection Team in Edinburgh. The team’s work on crop protection focuses on understanding resistance of the host…

Neil Sharman

Position: Technical and field engineering manager UK and Ireland
Company: Trelleborg

Neil started his career in 1978 working for Central Tyre, he joined Pirelli in 1997 and then following to the acquisition he start working for…

Nick Caspell

Messes F.H. Caspell & Sons, Buckland Farm, Dover Rd, Sandwich, Kent. CT13 0DQ Tel: 01304 614919 Nick Caspell has a BSc (hons) in Agricultural Economics…

Patrick Goldsworthy, MBE

Position: Independent Consultant

Patrick Goldsworthy is a freelance consultant specialising in promoting responsible pesticide use. Formerly at the Crop Protection Association, Patrick led the campaign to stop a…

Penny Maplestone

Position: Chief executive
Company: British Society of Plant Breeders

She has worked in plant biology since 1986 and has developed a broad expertise in the intellectual property, scientific and management aspects of the plant…

Pete Berry (Dr)

Position: Principal Consultant
Company: ADAS High Mowthorpe

Dr Pete Berry is ADAS’s oilseed rape specialist who has spent many years working in canopy management

Peter Gladders (Dr)

Position: Plant Pathologist
Company: ADAS UK Ltd

Dr Peter Gladders joined ADAS in 1976, working on disease control and disease management of oilseed rape, arable and vegetable crops. He leads the HGCA…

Peter Riley

Position: Senior Partner
Company: Prime Agriculture

Peter has been Senior Partner with Prime Agriculure since Oct 2006, responsible for setting up the partnership and continuing with a personal portfolio in excess…

Phil Northing

Position: Head of Plant Protection Programme
Company: The Food and Environment Research Agency

Phil Northing is head of the plant protection programme which, through research, diagnosis and advice, provides support to Government policy on plant and bee health,…

Philip Wright

The Spinney, 32A Garfits Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire. PE21 7EX Tel: 01205 355689 Philip Wright was trained in Agricultural Engineering at Silsoe College, Bedford, gaining an…

Piers Badnell

Position: DairyCo Extension officer

Based in the South West, Piers works with a variety of groups made up of milk buyers and independent groups supplying different buyers. The basic…

Prof Mike Taylor

Position: Vet consultant
Company: VParST Ltd

No biography available

Professor Jacqueline B Matthews BVMS PhD MRCVS

Position: Head of Disease Control & Principal Veterinary Parasitologist
Company: Moredun Research Institute

Jacqui Matthews is a Principal Veterinary Parasitologist at Moredun and holds an honorary Professorship at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh.…

Professor Mike Taylor

Position: Vet consultant

After 6 years in general practice, he joined the State Veterinary Service and then the Central Veterinary Laboratory Weybridge specialising in parasitology. He obtained a…

Professor Philip White

Position: Ecological sciences
Company: James Hutton Institute

Professor Philip J. White graduated from Oxford University with a BA in Biochemistry in 1983. In 1987, he was awarded a PhD in Natural Sciences…

Richard Cooper

Position: Consulting vet EBVC (Evidence Based Veterinary Consultancy)

Richard qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol in 2002. After working in mid-Devon in a predominantly farm animal practice for 3 years and in…

Robert Drysdale

Company: Westpoint Vets

Biog to come

Ruaridh Bain

Ruairidh graduated from Edinburgh University with an honours degree in agricultural science in 1980 and completed his PhD at the same institution in 1985. He…

Ruth Clements

Position: Head of veterinary services
Company: FAI Farms

Ruth Clements is head of veterinary services at FAI Farms

Sarah Cook

Position: ADAS Research Scientist

ADAS Boxworth, Cambs, CB23 4NN Tel: 01954 268215 Dr Sarah Cook is a top research scientist for ADAS and an arable weed specialist. Graduating with…

Sarah Cook and Lynn Tatnell

Company: Adas

Sarah Cook (left in photo) Position: ADAS Research Scientist Company: Adas Dr Sarah Cook is a research scientist for ADAS and an arable weed specialist. Graduating…

Simon Oxley (Dr)

Position: Senior Research & KT Manager
Company: HGCA

Simon Oxley is the Senior Research & KT Manager at HGCA with responsibility for and the integration of the HGCA Recommended List, with agronomy, crop…

Stephen Lister

Position: Partner Crowshall Veterinary Services and member of the Veterinary Residues Committee

Stephen Lister qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in March 1979, with distinction in Veterinary Medicine. Stephen holds a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons…

Stephen Moss

Position: Secretary of the UK Weed Resistance Action Group

Dr Stephen Moss studied agriculture at the University of London before moving into weed research and gaining a PHD at the University of Bristol. He…

Steve Pritchard

Position: Director of Poultry Nutrition
Company: Premier Nutrition

Steve is part of Premier Nutrition‘s dedicated, highly motivated and experienced poultry sector, providing support across a wide range of areas including husbandry and management,…

Steve Townsend

Position: Owner
Company: The Soil First Trading Company

For the past 16 years Steve Townsend has been working with farmers advising them on minimum tillage and no-till systems in the UK, Ireland and…

Stuart Moss

Company: Catchment Sensitive Farming

Bio to come

Tony Mitchell

Company: HSE

Bio to come