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Well. Neonictinoids have been banned in the EU for 2 years then

I am not saying that it was my blog post that prompted this action.  I’ll leave that for other people to say.

What is very interesting is that the the bee fraternity are not convinced that the ban is the right thing to do.  The migration of farmers from neonics to products with older chemistry (which may be equally, or more, harmful) is a serious concern.

This shows how complex the situation is.  There are too many opinions mixed in with the facts

We really need someone to say

“Look, if you aren’t a scientist then shut up for a minute while we sort this out”

I still think that I am right to stop using neonics on my farm.  If I was an oil seed rape grower, I would probably carry on using them until the ban at the end of the year.


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