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Trade Talk: To sell or not to sell

By Jeremy Hunt,


To sell or not to sell – that’s the question. And it’s certainly a very vexing one for those with store stock and young stock in the system that could easily show a very healthy increase in value in the coming months.


Auctioneers must be running out of superlatives to describe the escalating prices we’ve seen across the entire livestock sector during January – a month that’s usually struggling to get on terms with supply and demand.


While farming has become overly used to being on the back-foot it seems somewhat unreal – but nonetheless long-overdue and justified – that prices are so strong and that the word “shortages” is being widely used by auctioneers to explain the week-on-week improving trade.


It’s not a word that has yet permeated the shopping aisles of the supermarkets, if it had, consumer panic would already have set in. But all livestock numbers are tight and getting tighter and the value of stock can only improve if the supply and demand situation continues.


This is an unusual situation for livestock producers and a challenging one for auctioneers. To sell or not to sell? If we’re going to achieve some sort of marketing balance for the long-term good of all concerned this is certainly a time for some constructive dialogue between these two key players in the selling game.


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