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Newark and Notts:Dairy results


Messrs Munn and Bell‘s Needles Hall Marianna; res, Mrs Carolann Raybould’s Welland View William



Holdcroft and Sons’ Dovetrent Prom Sandra; Res, Messrs N J and L C Sercombe’s Huddlesford Z Nina



Abi Sercombe’s Southley Hotshot Dalena Design 2; Christian Shepherd’s Lexington Ambassador Iben

Sarah Alderton

2 Responses to Newark and Notts:Dairy results

  1. Mars Bar April 8, 2013 at 1:30 am #

    Mmm first summer show out the blocks for FW and I’m sorry but you might want to send someone who understands the shows. Couple of things (on top of the many spelling mistakes throughout) Smiths of Bloxham prefix is Ironstone (e on the end not w) even if it’s wrong in the catalogue they’ve spent enough over the years I would have thought you’d know that and I suspect she’s going to Herts this year not next. Would be nice to have the name of the Lim bull that took the juniors and I think you’ve got the Sim bull name round the wrong way too.

  2. Show Catcher April 8, 2013 at 1:30 am #

    Mars Bar, Do you not think thats a bit picky? I am sure the reporter in question was at a very cold Newark on Sunday and rushing between rings to make sure that nit pickers like you received the information albeit obvious mistakes to those who know, also the information is very useful. And much appreciated by the majority of us.

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