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Top price of 2,700gns made at dairy dispersal

TheSouth of England’s largest dairy dispersal of the year saw 480 organic, non-pedigreecattle go under the hammer in just six hours.

Theday produced a top price of 2,700gns for a 3rd Calver, by Simonoski that hadgiven 8,500kg in her 2nd lactation.

Herweek old heifer calf by Moet Facet sold for 500gns.

At 2,600gnswas the November calved Heifer by Ciderhouse Flirt, due again in November toToystory.

Noless than 39 cows and heifers sold on the day, achieving over £2,000. Freshmilk and young cows continued to be in strong demand.

In calfheifers due September to the Angus by Lilylane Investor sold for 2,150gns andto 2,080gns, with others by Structure Patton and Moet Melody selling at2000gns.

Youngstockby Picston Shottle were again in demand selling to 1,420gns for a recentlyserved heifer and 1,000gns for May and July 2011 born maiden heifers. Heifercalves by Jenny-Lou Marshall Toystory and Tableau” sold to 540gns.

TwoPedigree Aberdeen Angus Bulls born in 2008 and 2009 both sold for 2,100gns.

Thedairy equipment and surplus farm machinery was sold at midday, with the 10,000litre Fabdec Tank selling for £10,000, the 16 Westfalia Metatron units at£5,000 and ADF 16-point cluster wash at £5,200


245Dairy Cows and heifers (including A Lots) £1,564.00

61Incalf Heifers £1,550.00

53Served Heifers £1,097.00

76Maiden Heifers (Yearling and Younger) £782.25

25Heifer Calves £506.00

2Aberdeen Angus Bulls £2,100.00

Auctioneers:Greenslade Taylor Hunt


Rhian Price

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