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Farm diversification

Setting up a farm diversification is a good way to protect the future of your business with an extra income stream. You need to do your homework though, and make sure you know the legal issues, the tax implications and what grants are available.

Read our guides to setting up diversifications, get tips and advice and some inspirational ideas for possible ventures.


Finance and law

Guide to Defra’s Growth Programme diversification grants

New farm enterprise: Know the legal issues

5 successful Leader grant projects to inspire farmers

How to avoid the tax traps of farm diversifications

Insurance tips for new farm enterprises and diversifications

Retirement age laws: What farm employers need to know


Advice and tips

Farm diversification tips from farming award-winners

How to nail a good web design for you farming business

How setting up a company can help succession and diversification

8 diversification options for livestock farmers


Popular diversifications

What makes a successful holiday letting business

Advice on leasing out battery and generator sites

Top tips on farm retailing

So you want to…store caravans

So you want to… run a farm-based wedding venue

How to sell generator energy to the national grid

Getting started in timber diversification

So you want to… open a green burial ground


Case studies: Livestock farms

How one dairy farm set up a processing unit to sell direct

How a beef finisher uses waste food for additional income

How a dairy farmer produced an award-winning cheese

Farmer diversifies into vodka production


Case studies: Arable farms

How two farms expanded into the brewery business

How a potato farm found a successful market in posh crisps

Vegetable grower diversifies into bottled juices

Spud vending machine diversification proves critics wrong


From elsewhere

Defra information on diversifying farm businesses

The Leader Programme grant scheme