Full results from the Farmers Weekly/NFU Inputs Price Monitor have now been posted on the NFU’s website, giving a detailed picture of how much farmers are paying for their inputs.

The full analysis, which is available to all farmers, not just NFU members, can be found by following this link.

As well as providing a full regional breakdown of prices paid by farmers for things like red diesel, kerosene, electricity and glyphosate, the NFU’s analysis also shows the range of prices entered by farmers in the survey.

The results also include insightful commentary from the NFU’s farm inputs adviser Hannah Moule, examining some of the trends and factors at play in the all-important farm inputs sector.

For example, the analysis exposes the link between volume and price in the fertiliser market. Farmers buying ammonium nitrate in less than 20t loads paid an average £187/t, while those buying bigger loads paid just £175/t.

Meanwhile, Kent farmer Andrew Brice has won a year’s free subscription to Farmers Weekly – worth about £90 – for taking part in the Inputs Price Monitor.

His name was chosen at random from the 200-plus farmers who have so far entered details of their costs in our new inputs database.

Andrew, who farms 420ha of arable crops at Church Farm, Hoo, near Rochester, said the IPM was a positive initiative that would help all farmers find out what they should be paying. “It’s more accurate than pub talk,” he said.

Farmers Weekly and the NFU are obviously keen to see as many farmers taking part as possible in order to provide the whole industry with the most accurate data possible.

The survey form is available at all times, it only takes about 10 minutes to fill in and is, of course, strictly confidential.

So if you’ve not done so already – or even if you have, but have now got some updated costs – then please log on to the Inputs Price Monitor to share that information with your fellow farmers now.