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Ways to cut farm ammonia emissions before rules comes in

Dairy and beef farmers are likely to be most affected by Defra’s proposed controls for fertiliser, manure and slurry management and applications. The proposals, which also cover livestock housing design…


Changing land use – what farmers need to know

Farmers must follow legal procedures before changing the use of any land classified as uncultivated or semi-natural. The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations protect uncultivated or semi-natural land from changes in…


8 new rules for water and what they mean for farmers

From April 2018 livestock farmers in England must comply with a new set of farming rules for water. There are eight rules, five about managing fertilisers and manures and three…

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Opinion: State of nature? More like the state of society

The recent publication of the State of Nature report has once again stirred up the media, resulting in attention-grabbing headlines citing the deplorable ramifications of intensive agriculture and blaming modern…

Farm floods: Guide to practical and financial support

The extensive flooding in northern England, parts of Scotland, north Wales and Northern Ireland has left many farmers facing huge clean-up bills. Huge swathes of farmland remain waterlogged and unusable,…

Why farmers are at loggerheads over value of AD

Supporters of AD plants say they are an economic and environment boon for UK farmers, but opposers believe they are hiking up rents and pricing livestock farmers out of the…

10 ideas to boost global food security

Reduce the risk of global food insecurity by tackling the food waste problem. That was the overriding sentiment from a series of essays submitted as part of a writing competition…

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Case studies


How a veg grower slashed energy and pesticide use

A large farming estate on the Norfolk/Suffolk border is making great progress in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions involved with growing root vegetables. Elveden Farms, which specialises in potatoes, onions,…


Video: How Gloucs farmers are working to prevent flooding

Farmers and landowners in Gloucestershire’s Upper Thames area are working together to manage the land to provide catchment-scale solutions to prevent future floods while making businesses resilient.  When storms Eva…


Video: How farmers are saving money by planting trees

Farmers have found they can increase productivity and improve the visual appeal of the landscape by introducing trees into their farming systems. Producers who have dipped a toe into the…


How New Zealand dairy farmers are cleaning up their water

Over the past five years, New Zealand dairy farmers have laid more than 26,000km of fencing to stop cattle from accessing waterways as part of an industry-led initiative to improve…

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Guide details how farmers can reduce ammonia emissions

A  guide published on Friday (27 July) sets out the steps farmers, advisers and contractors can take to reduce ammonia emissions and help improve air quality. The Code of Good…


NSA and Woodland Trust unite to give tree planting advice

The National Sheep Association (NSA) and Woodland Trust have launched a booklet giving sheep farmers practical guidance on planting trees. The role of trees in sheep farming was released at…


Why growers must reduce reliance on pesticides

Growers are being urged to highlight the responsible approach they take to crop management – or face the prospect of further restrictions as the government pursues a “green” Brexit. The…


Gove's new farm pollution controls: The details and reaction

Stricter controls are to be imposed on fertiliser, manure and slurry applications under government plans to improve UK air quality. Dairy and beef farms are among the sectors that will…

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Cut ammonia emissions to avert regulation, farmers urged

Farmers are being urged to reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture in an effort to stave off more regulation to improve air quality. The NFU called for a joined-up approach between…


Trust claims 100% landowner support for wild lynx release

The Lynx UK Trust says it has secured 100% landowner support for its plans to release Eurasian lynx into the Kielder Forest region of Northumberland, which it says will bolster…


Environment Agency announces drought support for farmers

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced support for farmers affected by drought following the driest June on record since 1925 and a dry July. The announcement comes as leaders of…


Gove pledges 'whatever it takes' to help farmers in drought

Defra secretary Michael Gove has pledged to do everything necessary to help farmers hit by one of the driest summers in living memory. Speaking after attending a drought summit hosted…

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Video: How Gloucs farmers are working to prevent flooding

Farmers and landowners in Gloucestershire’s Upper Thames area are working together to manage the land to provide catchment-scale solutions to prevent future floods while making businesses resilient.  When storms Eva…

Video: Flooded Cumbrian farmer hits out at Environment Agency

A Lake District farmer has hit out against the Environment Agency for not dredging the rivers after losing stock and having fields strewn with gravel in the Cumbrian floods. Bassenthwaite…


Video: Farm woodland 'back on management radar'

Farmers and landowners are showing a renewed interest in creating and managing woodlands on their land, say conservationists. Improving the economic return from woodlands is “back on the radar” after…


VIDEO: Modulate to the max, says RSPB

The RSPB has called on the government to transfer the maximum amount of money from direct farm support into agri-environment schemes. RSPB conservation director Martin Harper made the call after…

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