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Fertile Minds 2016

At Farmers Weekly and NFU Mutual, we understand the importance of bringing fresh young talent into agriculture.

This means promoting the industry to those outside it as well as ensuring exciting opportunities – and the resources to exploit them – for those within it.

An industry as diverse and competitive as agriculture can be a tough place to begin your career.

So, to support you in getting your foothold in the sector, we have created Fertile Minds – a conference and series of roadshows to provide you with the opportunity to get advice from experts and discuss ideas with your peers.

This year’s conference took place in October and the roadshows started in November and ended in February 2017.

Fertile Minds Roadshows

Farmers Weekly, in association with NFU Mutual, hosted five regional roundtables for business-minded young farmers.

The roadshows gave young farmers and new entrants the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to early farming careers, with expert advice and guidance from those who have experience with success, and failure.

The topics

The topics for these roadshows were decided by participants on the Farmers Weekly forum on Facebook – see the links on the right.


Five groups of 10-20 young farmers were be invited to attend one of the events, which will took place around the UK. You can see full list of the locations and timings on the right – Fertile Minds details.

Watch the video of the event highlights and read the reports from the Fertile Minds roadshows below.