From mowers and tenders to forage wagons and silage chasers, machinery manufacturers were flat out introducing new grassland machinery at this year’s Lamma event.

Here are some that caught our eye:

JPM to import Hawe’s grass kit

Hawes JPM silage chaser

Louth-based JPM Agricultural used last year’s Lamma show to unveil the Versatile Delta Track, which it is importing from Canada.

This time around it had Hawe’s huge silage chaser on its stand after recently agreeing a deal to become the UK importer.

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The machine is really designed for contractors chomping through huge quantities of maize for AD plants. The obvious advantage over systems that use conveyors to unload trailers into HGVs, is that Hawe blows the silage, rather than relying on gravity, to compact the material and get more into each trailer.

The blowing system is pto powered and uses two impellers. The first is laid horizontally and takes the material from the beaters to the blower, while a second sends it up the spout. It can discharge a full 60cu m load in just over five minutes.

Hawe’s base spec is pretty generous and includes a suspended drawbar, hydraulic suspension and front and rear steering axles on all tri-axle versions.

There’s also the option of having an opening back door, which adds another £3,600 to the £100,000 bill. You’ll also need 300hp on the front because it weighs 12.9t empty.

Grass Technology launches monster zero grazing box

Zero-grazing specialist Grass Technology has launched a monster tri-axle grazing box that can gobble up about 9t of grass in one outing.

The GT Super 160 has a simple two-drum Galfree mower at the front that cuts the grass as gently as possible to avoid releasing sugars and starting the fermentation process. This is suspended to help it follow ground contours.

Once cut, the grass is then taken up an elevator that runs at just 70rpm to get it into the box. There, two hydraulically driven bed chains move the material towards the back of the box. At full chat it should take 13-16 minutes to fill.

Once back in the yard a steering rear axle helps it negotiate tight corners and it has brakes on every wheel to make sure it stops, too.

The GT Super 160 costs 37,000 including the mower.

Blaney reveals updated weed wiper

Blaney weed wiper

Northern Irish firm Blaney Agri’s latest version of its weed wiper designed to drip less, which should avoid killing off clover and grass plants in the sward. It also claims to use 15% less chemical than its predecessor, says the company. That means a single tank of chemical could last up to 30ha depending on the density of the weeds.

The mid-range 450 model is 4.5m wide and carries a 230-litre tank. The roller system is ground driven and runs anything from 40-350mm from the deck. It’s also now fitted with an underlayer, which is designed to make it more absorbent than before.

Ticket price is £6,500 for the 4.5m version, but widths extend up to the triple roller 8.3m.

Erth Engineering builds new subsoiler leg

Erth Panbuster

Hexham-based Erth Engineering has designed a new leg for its grassland subsoilers. The company has traditionally used McConnell shins and points, but switched to its own Hardox 450 one-piece leg to beef things up a bit.

The shin attaches to the leg by a roll-pin and can be reversed to improve longevity, so it should save buyers money when it comes to wearing parts.

The legs fit to the company’s popular three-leg Panbuster subsoiler. It weighs about 1,000kg and needs at least 80hp on the front to make a decent job. Travel speed is about 6kph and the asking price is £7,995.

Perfect brings its triple flail mower to the UK

Perfect triple flail mower

Dutch mower maker Perfect has been selling in the UK for almost 40 years, but this year was the first appearance for its hefty triple flail mower.

The KX-860 comes with twin 3.2m hydraulic folding rears mowers and a 2.7m front-mounted unit, which can be used in a couple of different configurations.

For those without a front linkage and pto the front mower can be hooked on the back of the twins, and for those with reverse drive it can be driven in both configurations. It can also be specced as a trailed machine.

Total cutting width is 8.6m and it comes with three different flail options to tackle anything from grass to heavy scrub.

Perfect says the setup needs a tractor with about 250hp under the hood and it costs £36,000.

Roc merger handles miscanthus

Shutts Farm Machinery Roc rake

Lots of UK farmers have dabbled with the idea of planting fields of low-input miscanthus, but its tough, fibrous nature means it needs handling unlike any other mainstream crop when it comes to harvesting.

Regular twin-rotor rakes fall to pieces trying to shift the tough stalks, so belt-based mergers are the best bet when it comes to turning over and fluffing up swaths to let air in.

Derbyshire firm Shutts Farm Machinery imports Italian-made Roc machinery, which builds mergers from 3m to 10m wide.

The direction of the belt can be switched and bigger models can be set with a centre discharge so that the swath ends up between the driving tractor’s wheels.

The hydraulic-driven belt can be run at different speeds to the pick-up, and a 100hp tractor with a decent hydraulic output should be enough to provide the power while ticking over at just 1,200rpm.

Asking price of the 3m RT380 model on the stand is £16,500.

Pottinger upgrades Europrofi forage wagon

Pottinger forager wagon

Pottinger’s latest farmer-spec forager wagon has got a healthy dollop of upgrades that have filtered down from the pricier contractor machines.

That means the new Europrofi Combine models get a slicker pickup with electro-hydraulic knife engagement, twin blades and optional stability roller to stop it dropping into the soil. The blades have also been offset, which is said to give a finer chop without sapping more power.

The Europrofi Combiline has also been given a tougher gearbox drive instead of the old chain-drive system.

There are three models in the Europrofi Combiline range. The 4510 has a 45cu m capacity, the 5010 can accommodate 50cu m and the 5510, 55cu m. All need between 130hp and 220hp on the front depending on how densely the box is packed.

The base list price for the 5510 is £66,825.