With its 32cm (12.1in) display Kverneland’s IsoMatch Tellus terminal not only has the largest display in the industry, it’s also the first to show a pair of Isobus screens at the same time.

This terminal, which costs from £2900, makes it possible to control and view two Isobus-compatible implements simultaneously, without the need to flick between screens. It can also be used to show the tractor’s function screen while also displaying the pages for the machine in use.

The IsoMatch Tellus dual-screen display is the next generation that, equipped with the relevant task controllers, will control a range of Isobus-compatible operations, says the company. The terminal will plug straight into any “ISO ready” tractor that complies with the ISO standard, but for those without it can be supplied with a special wiring loom (£3130).

The new terminal, which will replace the existing Tellus, is encased in a sturdy, cast aluminium housing with a rubber grip bar down the right-hand side. All the buttons on the colour touch-screen are now positioned alongside the grip.

For those that prefer to use a ISO-standard joystick this can be connected with a nine-pin plug at the back. The same socket can also be used to add another ISO screen. An IsoMatch Stop button at the top of the grip is programmed to shut down equipment safely and quickly without having to flick through screens to deactivate various elements.

A waterproof USB port is fitted to the top of the casing and there are two more (a single and dual hub) on the rear. Further connections include an RS232 input for GPS receivers and various sensors, plus numerous others for tractor ECU input, video cameras and even sound in/out. There is also an internet browser that connects via Bluetooth.

The Isobus standard provides “plug and play” compatibility with a vast range of machines and implements from numerous manufacturers. The Kverneland Group alone has introduced 29 different ISO-compatible machines throughout its Vicon and Kverneland machinery ranges and reckons to already have a total of 16,000 of these out working.

IsoMatch Tellus Terminal

• Twin ISO screen display

• Fully Isobus “plug and play” compatibility

• 16Gb Flash memory – no moving parts

• Tractor ECU program

• Internet browser