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Remote sensing

Yara is the leading fertiliser company developing the use of remote sensing “real time” technology in precision farming.
“Never has attention to detail been more important, and the need for nitrogen efficiency, crop evenness and improved combine performance more valuable. The Yara N-Sensor has been developed to increase yield and reduce the variability in grain quality across fields,  for farmers who can variably apply their nitrogen – whether granular or liquid.”
Developed as a solution to agronomic problems, the tractor mounted Yara N-Sensor uses remote sensing technology to determine the crops nitrogen status by measuring light reflectance, and as the tractor passes over the field it will vary the rate according to crop requirement, reducing the risk of lodging and taking full account of nitrogen previously applied.
Currently there are two models, the Classic N-Sensor and N-Sensor ALS (Active Light Source), which has its own built-in light source giving a wider working window. Hire terms available.
Extensive trials on cereals and oilseed rape have been conducted using the Yara N-Sensor in the UK and around the world. The average yield increase compared to uniform applications was 3.2%, with a maximum-recorded increase of 12%.
For more details contact : agronomy.uk@yara.com or visit www.yara.co.uk/tools-and-services.



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