25% of wheat cut around Cambs

Tom Dye from Fengrain in Cambridgeshire said 25% of the wheat had been cut in the area with generally good results.

“People have been harvesting their group 1 wheats early when moisture contents are around 20% to keep quality.”

People in the area are worried about how the rain will affect quality and in particular Hagberg levels.

“From what have seen so far, it‘s not a bad picture but rain and bad forecasts are bringing in doubt – signs are that the weather will have some effect on the quality.

“On average it seems to be above expectations but there has been some variability.”

Mr Dye said that there had been so much rain that combines are now going to struggle in the field.

“If it stays dry now, the earliest farmers will start combining on Sunday afternoon.”

Mr Dye said so far he‘s been particularly impressed by Cordiale, performing consistently well on both quality and yield.

There has been evidence that some wheat has been infested by orange blossom midge.

“It‘s been very patchy and regional, but when it‘s been infested it‘s very evident. The grain is all shrivelled, as the midge made it easier for water to penetrate the grain.

“It‘s having detrimental effects on the Hagberg.”

Mr Dye is hoping dry weather will allow farmers to get started again soon.

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