Adjustable coulter pressure from the cab with Seed Hawk

Adjustable coulter pressure from the cab with Seed Hawk


The coulter pressure can now be set from the cab via Control-Station on all Vaderstad Seed Hawk models.

This allows the coulter pressure to be optimised from the cab on the go to suit varying soil types and field conditions, which gives increased control and more precise drilling depth.

Older machines can be retrofitted with this feature. With Control-Station, a number of functions can be set from the cab and the driver receives all information in a clear and accessible way.

Control-Station can be fitted with an extra unit (Remote Control) for remote control of fertilisation, drilling or coulter pressure. The coulter pressure can be increased or decreased in 20 programmable steps. It is quick and easy to return to the pre-set value.

Corrosion-proof metering system

From 2011, Seed Hawk has a new metering system that gives easier turn tests, stable and reliable metering and the scope to drill extremely low doses – under 1 kg/ha. The metering function is driven by an electric motor that gives stable and consistent output. The system has low and high gears that can be selected depending on seed size. A flap for closing off the supply of seed to the drill system makes it easy to work on the seed house even when the seed hopper is full. The metering system is corrosion-proof and very suitable for metering of fertiliser.

Reinforced fertiliser knives

The fertiliser knives in the drill aggregates are reinforced with double wearing steel for greatly increased life. These upgraded fertiliser knives can also be retrofitted on existing Seed Hawk machines.

Broad, heavy tread wheels on Seed Hawk

A broader, tractor tread tyre is now available for Väderstad Seed Hawk. This increases the bearing capacity, decreases the risk of soil compaction and, not least, increases trafficability in wet conditions. The tractor tread tyre also leaves a more weatherproof surface that can withstand rain.

New hose layout

Seed Hawk has a new, improved layout of black seed and fertiliser hoses with good UV-resistance.

Seed Hawk principle

Vaderstad Seed Hawk is a flexible and robust combi seed drill that is mainly intended for direct drilling. Seed Hawk drills at 25cm row spacing and has outstanding seed placement. Väderstad Seed Hawk is available in 4, 6 and 8 metre working widths.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Vaderstad.


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