After a good spell of weather, a farmer finishes the harvest – update

 “The only hiccup we had all harvest was the air conditioning playing up in the combine,” he said.

“We had a spell of 10 days with good weather so we just kept going until we finished.”

The Malacca and Einstein were harvested with good quality. Hagberg was 292, 15% protein and 78.5 kg/hl bushel weight.

“The Malacca has done exceptionally well, and the Einstein wasn’t as good, but still not bad.”

Yields for the Malacca ranged from 8.9 – 10.34 t/ha (3.6-4.18 t/acre) while Einstein yielded slightly lower at 8.9 – 9.3 t/ha (3.6-3.76 t/acre), all being harvested between 10.8 – 15.8 % moisture.

Mr Buckenham was pleased with the quality of the wheat but can’t understand why the Hagberg levels were slightly low.

“For some reason Hagberg’s were low even though we had such good conditions.”

He only grew 120 ha (300 acres) of high quality milling wheat to sell to his local miller.

Mr Buckenham also experienced some problems with orange blossom midge with 2-3% of the grain being affected in some of the worst areas.

“When we went out at night time it was like a snow storm. There were thousands of them.”

Despite this, he thinks overall the midge had only minimal effects on quality and is very pleased with the outcome of this year’s harvest.

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