AHDB urges farmers to sign up for next spring’s vote

AHDB levy payers have the opportunity to cast a vote next spring to help decide what products, tools and services they get from their levy – but in order to do, so they must register to vote.

The ballot, which is set to be held next April, aims to give farmers and other levy payers a more dominant voice in the shaping of the AHDB’s future.

Currently, within the Cereals and Oilseeds sector, growers are charged a payment of 46p/t on cereal crops and a higher 75p/t for oilseed rape.

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Register now

Martin Grantley-Smith, Cereals and Oilseeds director at the AHDB explains the importance of growers registering their vote in order to have their say.

“The vote aims to canvas the views of growers and will act as a sense check, allowing us to be more responsive and focus on the specific issues our levy payers are faced with.

“As the current number of levy payers is unknown, they won’t be contacted directly, which makes getting the word out there to register your votes so important,” he says.

The firm’s chief executive Tim Rycroft adds that he wants to put levy payers at the heart of everything the AHDB does.

“Most of all, we want to ensure that at a time when farming is tough and getting tougher, AHDB’s deep well of expertise is available to serve levy payers,” he notes.

To register your vote in order to take part in next April’s poll follow this link: AHDB Online Levy Returns Portal – Register 

If you have any questions about AHDB’s plans for the future, get in touch via e-mail at shapethefuture@ahdb.org.uk.

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