Aldicarb use revoked with immediate effect

All uses of the potato nematicide, aldicarb, on potatoes, carrots and parsnips have been revoked with immediate effect, the Pesticides Safety Directorate has announced.

PSD announced last December that UK approval for the active ingredient would be revoked earlier than planned following a European Commission decision to lower the maximum residue level for aldicarb in potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

This effectively meant the active ingredient could no longer be used in these crops.

But, growers of onions and ornamental crops may continue to use aldicarb for the full period of essential use (until 31 December 2007) granted following the review of aldicarb under EC Directive 91/414.

Products involved:

  • Temik 10G
  • Agriguard Aldicarb
  • ME2 New Aldee
  • Standon Aldicarb

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