Apprehensive Lincolnshire farmer

Mark Ireland at Grange Farm, Lincolnshire, had cut 80ha Flagon winter barley when he spoke to FWi today (13 July). With 108ha remaining, he said yields were slightly better than expected considering they suffered from the recent very dry weather. The barley had been sold on contract and he said it was borderline malting quality.

He said: “It is early this year. We wouldn’t normally be harvesting now but it is ready.”

Having had 14mm rain in seven weeks, Mr Ireland said patches of winter wheat had completely dried off and the crop was looking untidy. By comparison, the oilseed rape “looked a good crop,” although the dry weather had affected seed size.

“For two weeks in June the crops looked marvellous but we just missed the rain storms. A farm 10 miles away got 10mm rain just last week. I’m apprehensive about harvest altogether.”

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