Arable Farming Event

In this section you will find all the latest news, pictures, research data and results from the trial plots at the Cereals 2005 site.

Sponsored by: CASE – Bayer – Syngenta – Vaderstad  – Househams

Below is a list of the main areas under the spotlight in the dedicated trials, follow the links for more information and latest pictures:

Agri-environmental schemes –  Wheat –  Drilling precision –  Barley –  Oilseed rape – Cultivation machinery and tractor modifications

1. Agri-environmental Schemes

  • Plots designed to show  some of the means of gaining “entry level points” such as buffer strips, pollen and nectar flower mixtures, skylark plots, conservation headlands, undersown spring cereals.
  • What’s New Zones are clearly defined  by strips of corn flower, corn marigold, and poppies

2. Wheat

  • New varieties subject to untreated and a managed system of inputs – Glasgow, Ambrosia, Atlanta, Brompton, Defender.
  • Blackgrass and Italian Ryegrass control using the pre-ems Liberator, Prosulfucarb, Trifluralin and Chlortoluron, and post-em treatments of Atlantis, Hawk, IPU, NGGC011, and Tigress Ultra.
  • Fungicide programmes – non-strob and with strobs.
  • Seed treatments – BYDV demonstration using T435 and TMX, Fusarium control using UKA146, Redigo.
  • Nutrition – Se bio fortrification, slow release N fertiliser, an organic waste fertiliser, Planet Software recommendations.

3. Drilling precision

  • The effect of getting drilling depth wrong on plant population, tillering and ear population
  • The effect of getting drilling depth wrong when followed by pre-em herbicides.
  • Versatility of the Vaderstad drill with seed size – from Beans to OSR

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4. Barley

  • Hybrid barley management – Colossus and Boost.
  • Spring and Winter Barley management
  • Blackgrass and Ryegrass control using pre-ems Liberator, Prosulfucarb and Trifluralin and post ems NGCC011 and Tigress Ultra.
  • Barley seed treatments – BYDV demonstration using T435 and TMX, loose smut and leaf strip control using Aurigen Gold and Raxil+JAU

5. Oilseed Rape

  • Seed treatments – Chinook and TMX
  • Crop type and canopy management – low biomass, conventional, hybrid and HEAR

6. Cultivation machinery and tractor modifications

  • The following cultivators and tractors will be coupled up and on display near the entrance of  “What‘s new in Arable Farming”

 Cultivator Width  Tractor match 
 Top Down 5m  Magnum 270 
 Carrier 5m CVX
 Rexus 5.5m MX230
 New cultivator not yet marketed 5m MXM 190

  • The following drills and tractors will be coupled up and on display near the wheat area of  “What‘s new in Arable Farming”

 Drill Width  Tractor match 
 Rapid from plot drilling 3m  MXU 125 
 Large Drill 8m Quad
 Turf Drill 2m JXU 90 with turf tyres
 Bio Drill (environmental area) 5m MXM

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