Atrium maize variety has record high ME

A maize variety with a record high Metabolisable Energy (ME) content has been added to the 2011 NIAB List.

Atrium, a new LG maize variety, has an ME of 11.70 MJ/kg DM, 0.52 MJ/kg above the mean and 0.18MJ/kg above its nearest rival NK Bull.

Atrium is a maturity class six variety and recommended for favourable growing areas, says Limagrain’s Tim Richmond.

“It can provide an energy-dense silage, ideal for including in rations fed to high performance herds.

“The high energy value of Atrium is derived from its improved cell wall digestibility and from the large cobs which provide a high starch content.” On the NIAB List, Atrium’s starch yield is 6.50t/ha, 5% above the controls.

“Farmers feeding a high proportion of maize in the ration will discover that Atrium will deliver significant benefits to their herd’s performance,” adds Mr Richmond.

Also new to the 2011 NIAB List is Abbot, in the earlier mainstream maturity class eight segment.

“On the less favourable list, Abbot yields 18.2t/ha of DM, and 6.2t/ha starch – 5% above controls. Abbot has excellent early vigour and has demonstrated good resistance to fusarium staying green up to harvest.”

For growers seeking a very early maturing variety, Celebration is maturity class nine and on the less favourable list and has a DM yield of 17.7t/ha and starch yield of 5.89t/ha.