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Video: Norfolk pig farmers showcase creep-feeder inventions

The days of sows pilfering expensive creep feed are over on two outdoor pig units in Norfolk, which have each designed a feeder to prepare piglets for life after weaning.…


How milking robot data saved a dairy farmer £15,000 on feed

When robotic milker George Lester scaled back concentrate feed for his late lactating milkers from 5-6kg to 1kg a cow a day to reduce milk production two weeks before drying…


How beef farmers globally are adapting to survive

With increasing market volatility and extreme weather, how can UK beef producers adapt to survive? We speak to three beef breeders from Australia and the US to find out how…


Why suckler herd is downsizing despite adding £374 a cow

A Norfolk family is reducing cow numbers to control winter feed costs and focus on running the herd to benefit the landscape and sheep enterprise. Richard and Sue Evans of…


How a dairy cut costs and methane and lifted feed efficiency

A year-round-calving herd has lifted feed efficiency by half a litre while cutting feed cost by 0.67p/litre and methane/litre by 33%. The Avison family, of Middlefields Farm, Coverdale, North Yorkshire,…


Why Angus are earning an integrated finisher more than Blues

Angus-sired cattle are outperforming Blue-cross cattle in a dairy-beef system through faster weight gains, longer grazing periods, cheaper diets and a more valuable carcass. Continental cattle achieved a better grade…

Practical advice

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Advice on growing maize under plastics, plus the costs

Growing maize under film could increase profit margins by more than £3,000/ha by improving the quality of the crop and increasing milk output. Trial sites run by crop production specialist…


How growing maize with beans can improve silage quality

Intercropping of maize and climbing beans is gaining ground among German farmers keen to improve the quality of their silage. Yields and protein content are particularly promising when the two…


How to get the best from red clover in grassland

From its superior protein quality and high intake potential to its nitrogen-fixing and soil-enhancing abilities, there are many reasons to add red clover to a grazing or silage seed mix.…


Forage analysis and how to interpret results on-farm

Forage analysis plays a vital role in feeding and management decisions. Understanding the analysis process and being able to interpret sample results will help farmers better utilise their forage –…


How milk replacer improves margins for surplus lambs

Research trials have shown rearing surplus lambs on milk replacer could clear a margin of £40 a head in a strong market. Two simultaneous trials were carried out last spring…


Tips on getting reluctant calves to suck a bottle

There are few things more frustrating than an otherwise seemingly healthy calf that just refuses to suck. In this article, vet Nichol Fisher from Daleside Veterinary Group discusses some of…


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Pig sector 'on knife edge' as farms turn to holding diets

Severely reduced processing capacity due to the Covid-19 pandemic has left some pig finishing units dealing with backlogs and feeding lower-energy holding diets to manage supply and avoid hefty penalties.…


Scientists developing EBV for lower methane emission

Farmers could be selecting cattle bred to produce lower methane emissions in the near future, according to a leading scientist. Methane is an important greenhouse gas, with 28-times the potential…


Everything you need to know about poultry feed additives

According to the British Poultry Council’s latest report, overall antibiotics use on UK poultry meat units fell by more than 80% between 2012 and 2018, to a total of 16.2t.…