Barley seed treatment contains SDHI chemistry

A new seed treatment containing new SDHI chemistry will be available in winter barley this autumn, Adrian Cottey of Bayer CropScience said.

In Raxil Star fluopyram, which has the same mode of action as the new SDHI foliar fungicides launched in the past two seasons, replaces the triazoxide in the product’s predecessor, Raxil Pro.

Both products also contain prothioconazole and tebuconazole. “It is the first use of fluopyram in the UK and Europe, and it does the same thing as the triazoxide ion controlling net blotch and leaf strip,” Mr Cottey said.

“But Raxil Star sets a new low dose standard at 0.5 litres/t, which is a quarter of Raxil Pro. That means nothing to the grower, but it makes logistics easier for those applying the seed treatment and for us as manufacturers.”

The product’s high efficacy, over 99%, against loose smut and leaf strip, also means it can be used by processors to retrieve any infections in seed crops, meaning those crops can still be used as certified seed after treatment.

Limited quantities of a new seed treatment for winter barley will be available this autumn, while a registration for spring barley is hoped for this autumn.

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