Battered in Brandsby

Torrential rain has brought harvest to another standstill in Yorkshire, where Keith Snowball has cut 80ha of winter barley and a few oats.

“It’s absolutely pouring at the moment,” he said. “They had 70mm of rain on the Yorkshire Wolds over the weekend, whereas we only had 13mm at home.”

So far Mr Snowball had managed to combine 80ha of winter barley at and around High Farm, Brandsby, with very variable results.

“The Volume did 5.9-8.6t/ha, and had mountains of straw. The Pearl averaged 6.4-6.7t/ha, but the Cassia didn’t do very well, at down to 3.2t/ha.”

Dalguise winter oats had yielded reasonably well, at 6.7t/ha, with a nice sample, he added. “But the Mascani at home are still 10 days away. They look like they will yield well.”

Oilseed rape should be ready from mid-week onwards. “Anything that’s standing looks alright, but there’s quite a bit of disease in anything that’s laid down. I’ll be happy if it averages 3.7t/ha.”

Gallant winter wheat looked appalling, despite having a fantastic start, said Mr Snowball. “I’d rather not speak about it – the fusarium and ear blight has really hit it.

“I think the early varieties look worse than the later ones, and the heavier the soil the worse they are doing.”

Crop: Winter barley
Varieties: Cassia, Volume and Pearl
Area: 80ha
Yield: 3.2-6.7t/ha

Crop: Winter oats
Variety: Dalguise
Yield: 6.7t/ha

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