Boost to UK oat research efforts

A new three-way oat research alliance between IBERS, Senova and Nordstaat (part of Saaten Union) was announced by the companies at Cereals.

The agreement will allow the three partners to pool their knowledge on spring and winter oats and prioritise R&D efforts, explained Chris Green of Senova, in order to further strengthen and sustain oat breeding efforts in the UK.

“A technical alliance allows us to make the best use of all the resources available and develop programmes which will improve the competitiveness of oats, at a faster rate.”

In addition, a joint approach would make it easier to overcome some of the barriers which still existed in the oat supply chain, as well as identify new opportunities, he added.

“This technical alliance gives the breeding industry the critical mass it needs to work with others on bringing oats with the desired traits to the market.”

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