Bushel weights down

Yields are below average for Bill Harbour in Faversham, Kent, which he said is due to the drought in June.

Xi19 is his main variety, with second wheats cutting at 8 – 9.5t/ha and first wheats at over 10t/ha. He said the main problem has been bushel weights which have been low due to the dry June.

Hereward was grown on a contract and yielded a pleasing 10t/ha, so he plans to grow more again next year. “It looks good and has never let us down.”

He also plans to reduce the area of Malacca grown in favour of Solstice.

  • Crop/Variety: Xi19

  • Area: 200ha winter wheat in total

  • Yield: 8 – 9.5t/ha

  • Quality: Low bushel weight


  • Crop/Variety: Hereward winter wheat

  • Area: 200ha winter wheat in total

  • Yield: 10t/ha

  • Quality: N/A

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