Camgrain opens grain processing and storage facility

Securing added value for growers while supplying what customers want are the twin aims of Camgrain’s new advanced processing centre (APC) in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

The grain marketing co-op’s fourth APC, which includes a 70,000t store, is open for business in time for harvest and in a location that gives access both to a large grain field and to key food chain customers for its 500 members’ grain. Importantly, it will have the ability to supply vendor-assured food grade grain.

Security of supply is also increasingly a priority for food processors – the West Midlands accounts for 20% of the UK’s biscuit production and more than 30% of breakfast cereal production.

The difficulties encountered by many in 2012 led to a shortage of quality grains across the industry and will be seen as a lesson in supply chain management, said Camgrain chairman John Latham.

“The investments we have made in processing, segregating and storage infrastructure have come to the fore this year and as such we have been able to meet our obligations while achieving excellent prices for members,” he said.

Camgrain’s marketing partner Openfield handles more than 4.6m tonnes of grain a year. It is owned by 2,700 farmers and works with more than 4,000 other growers.

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