Cereals 2006 : Tracker stars as preventative T1

BASF fungicide Tracker (epoxiconazole + boscalid) was proving both a success and a disappointment in the Velcourt plots at Cereals.

Fungicides were applied at either T1 with no follow-up, or applied in a curative situation as a flag leaf only treatment.

Tracker’s success was as a preventative T1 spray, Velcourt technical director Keith Norman said.

“It is one of the stars – it looks very good at T1, along with Proline.”

Other prothioconazole products, Fandango (fluoxastrobin + prothioconazole) and Prosaro (tebuconazole + prothioconazole) were less impressive at controlling septoria at T1, however, he said.

“Prosaro is in the second division – the tebuconazole in the formulation is not as active as it used to be.”

That was also demonstrated in the flag leaf only sprays, where Folicur (tebuconazole) didn’t look very impressive, Mr Norman pointed out.

Another disappointment was the performance of Tracker.

“There is quite a bit of infection on the flag leaf compared with straight Opus.

“The difference between the two is only 0.15 litres/ha of epoxiconazole [in favour of Opus], and I can’t believe that has made such a difference.

I think Tracker’s formulation isn’t as good.”

The trials demonstrated the importance of controlling disease early season, and that there were more options for growers to choose from at T1, Mr Norman said.

“You don’t necessarily have to have the most expensive product at T1, particularly if you don’t have a stem-based problem.”


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