Cereals 2009: Growers facing ultimatum for grassweed control

Growers had to react to the growing threat of blackgrass resistance to post-emergence herbicides, Syngenta‘s Simon Parker said.

“If steps aren’t taken to manage the resistance problem before it is too late, blackgrass could start to dictate how we have to farm,” he warned.

Launching a new initiative, the Grass Weed Ultimatum, designed to alert growers to the perils of failing to act against resistance, he said growers had three main ways in which to manage grassweeds – non-chemical cultural controls, pre-emergence herbicides and post-emergence herbicides.

“If resistance to post-emergence chemistry gets to the point where it is no longer effective, growers could be down to just two major methods. To protect post-emergence chemistry we need to ease the pressure on it. The Grass Weed Ultimatum will highlight ways to achieve this by integrating cultural techniques and more robust pre-emergence methods.”

The firm had already commissioned a review to help identify which cultural control techniques are most worthwhile, he said.

Another key part of the campaign would be to show how pre-emergence programmes could be fortified by mixing together different active ingredients to achieve higher levels of control.

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