Cereals 2009: Wintmalt misses IoB approval

Winter malting barley variety Wintmalt has failed to achieve Institute of Brewing approval and has been removed from the testing system, it was revealed at Cereals.

Wintmalt, bred by KWS, joined the Recommended List in 2008 with provisional approval for brewing use. It had a specific recommendation for growers wanting the combination of malting potential and resistance to barley mosaic virus.

Openfield, which has an exclusive deal on Wintmalt, believes demand for the variety from Germany gives it a future for export.

Other changes to the Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s approved barley list include the promotion of spring varieties Quench to full approval for brewing and Belgravia to full approval for malt distilling and grain distilling.

Other spring varieties moving through the system are Concerto, which has been given provisional approval for brewing and malt distilling use and Forensic, which has gained provisional approval for malt distilling and grain distilling.

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