Cereals 2012: Bayer adds to the app market

Bayer CropScience has added to the increasing app choices for growers and advisers after launching its Product Guide, Weed Guide and Pest Spotter apps at Cereals 2012.

Bringing their online and print versions into the more convenient form of an app, they will be available for free on Android, iPhone and iPad.

“Our product guide on our website has been hugely popular since its launch, so the app will allow growers and agronomists to access it on their mobile devices, without internet access,” said Lisa Challis, Bayer’s website and customer relations manager.

The app provides comprehensive label information on Bayer products and active substances, such as technical and safety information. Possible tank mixes are also explained, which is a frequently asked question on the company’s website, explained Miss Challis.

“When installed on the same device, the product information can then be linked with the Pest Spotter to select the correct pest and, more importantly, the correct control,” added Miss Challis.

The Weed Guide is something Bayer has been producing in print for many years, however, it now has an interactive app that provides and easy-to-use tool to help identify about 100 weeds out in the field.

“On a simple interface, it allows the user to build the characteristics of the unknown weed, which will ensure there is no mis-identification when drawing any conclusion,” said Miss Challis.

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