Cereals 2014: Where to earn professional development points

Plenty of BASIS and NRoSO points are available at Cereals 2014. Here’s a guide to who is offering what and where you’ll find them at the show

Visitors to Cereals will be able to earn more continuing professional development (CPD) points than at any of the previous events.

A CPD points trail will offer 12 BASIS and eight NRoSO points, all of which can be collected on a single day.

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Three BASIS and two NRoSO points are available to registered members attending the event, reflecting the breadth of technical knowledge available.

Nine companies/organisations are also taking part in the trail. To help you earn the points, we’ve highlighted where to go and what you need to do.

Water UK, Certis and De Sangosse (one BASIS, two NRoSO)

Metaldehyde stewardship remains a key theme. A “slug trail” offers points to scheme members who read the literature and talk to stand representatives before completing a short questionnaire.

1 – Water UK C-439-4 
2 – Certis D-432-4
3 – De Sangosse C-433-4


The fungicide performance area aims to help growers make appropriate fungicide product choices to minimise resistance risks and environmental impacts.

4 – HGCA K-1203-12

Say No to Drift (one BASIS, two NRoSO)

Hosted by Dow AgroSciences you’ll need to answer questions on the importance of stewardship measures and calculate appropriate low-drift nozzle selection for chlorpyrifos application.

5 – Dow Agrosciences G-811-8

BAYER CropScience (one BASIS, two NRoSO)

Correctly complete a questionnaire by visiting various cropping zones on the Bayer Cropscience stand.

Topics include application, spray optimisation, stewardship, growth stages and spray timings.

6 – Bayer H-804-8

Agrovista (one BASIS)

Complete a knowledge trail on this stand, which focuses on Axis, Agrovista’s new cloud-based technical information exchange, which draws together key data such as nutrition management, disease and pest prediction and irrigation scheduling.

7 – Agrovista D-426-4


Visitors will need to seek advice on agronomy and technical issues. The focus is on pulse varieties, agronomic techniques and crop nutrition.

8 – PRGO H-810-8

Monsanto (one BASIS)

The tours and demonstrations cover crop protection, the environment and application practice. Assessment will be carried out using a quiz.

9 – Monsanto H-806-H

Syngenta (one BASIS)

A point is available on this stand, which includes Hyvido varieties, preventative disease control and blackgrass herbicide stacking.

10 – Syngenta B-212-2

Nickerson-Limagrain (one BASIS)

Observe new cereals varieties and a genetic breakthrough for OSR growers.

11 – Limagrain K-1209-12

Click on the diargram below to open a larger version on the site plan:

Cereals stand map

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