Cereals 2015: 5 editor’s picks from the kit on show

There was lots of great kit to see at Cereals 2015. Among them, these five newcomers caught our eye.

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New Holland Dual Stream

New Holland combine header

© Jonathan Page

New Holland’s Dual Stream double cutterbar system is a clever way of boosting output by as much as 15%.

It is a simple idea: rather than allowing all the straw to go through the combine, the driver raises the cutterbar to reduce the quantity.

The stubble height remains the same at 8-15cm, though, simply because a secondary cutterbar at the back of the header chops the straw at the same height as a conventional system. 

This floats on two cage rollers on the outer extremities and mini-skids in the centre section.

With less straw going through, the driver can speed up by 15% and there is a further benefit in the shape of preventing the damper, pithier bottoms of the stubble going through the combine.   

The system has been trialled extensively, in particular by Warwickshire farm manager Richard Ward.

He says that the throughput of his CX6080 combine has gone from 23t/hour in wheat to more than 35t/hour.

Great Plains Saxon drill

Great Plains Saxon

© Jonathan Page

Great Plains says it will offer 3m and 4m versions of its Saxon drill, which shares many of the Centurion’s system of seed delivery, placement and consolidation.

The main difference is that instead of angled notched cultivation discs it uses the company’s turbo coulter.

It is designed to give minimal disturbance, says Great Plains, as well as cutting through and drilling into high volumes of residue.

So it should be ideal for use in cover crops where the crop has been sprayed off and minimal soil disturbance is needed to help prevent the emergence of grassweed seeds.

Both Saxon models have the same 3,000-litre capacity hopper as their Centurion counterparts.

A 4,000-litre hopper is available as an option with the Saxon 400.

Hydraulically adjustable down pressure is between 40kg and 160kg to ensure the coulters operate at a consistent depth in all soil types.

New opener rail geometry is said to boost the transfer of weight to the coulter and press wheel by keeping the coulter arm parallel to the ground.

Saxon 3m shown above, with weigh cells, seed monitors and levelling board is £56,000.

TMC Cancella mowers

TMC Cancella

© Jonathan Page

TMC Cancella’s striking range of black-and-orange mowers made their first UK show appearance at Cereals 2015.

The Spanish maker has been in the farm machinery business for more than 40 years and now specialises in flail mowers and rotary toppers.

So far it has two UK dealers, but is looking to expand its UK network over the next few years.

One model likely to appeal to farmers with rough ground and patches of scrubland to clear is the heavy-duty TMS flail.

This can be mounted on the front or rear linkage and has a double freewheel so that you don’t need to make alterations to the gearbox when switching between the two.

Prices start from £6,500.

Sly 8000T wide roller conversion kit

Sly rubber tracks

© Jonathan Page

Farmers struggling with the narrow idler wheels on their 8000T John Deere crawler can now get a conversion kit from Sly Agri.

According to Sly, the original wheels fitted on these tractors put too much pressure in the middle of the tracks causing excessing wear.

The new wider wheel kits cover the full width of the track and are designed to reduce both wear and ground pressure. Kits cost £4,000. 

Fruehauf trailer

Fruehauf trailer

©Jonathan Page

This gleaming silver Frauhauf truck trailer looked like it had come to the wrong show, but turned out to have a very valid reason for attending.

Big farms can run up haulage bills of £30,000, says the company’s Karl Spooner, so it can makes good financial sense to run your own truck (and maybe haul your neighbour’s crops too).

In fact more than 50% of ag haulage companies were started by farmers.

Despite the Germanic-sounding name, Fruehauf is a UK company based in Grantham and makes about 115 trailers a month, half of them for farmer customers.

This 67cu yd step-frame smoothside has six axles and can hold 29-30t of crop; you would need to put a six-wheel tractor unit from the likes of Volvo/Scania/MAN/Iveco on the front.

The trailer on show costs £35,000 and the tractor unit would be £80,000-£100,000.

For more news, photos, video and information on the Cereals event see our Cereals 2015 page 






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