Cereals 2015: 6 must-see farm machinery highlights

Cereals 2015 opens its doors next week (10-11 June), giving farmers and contractors a great chance to see the latest machinery on show. Here is a flavour of what will be there.

Amazone Certos disc harrow

Amazone Certos cultivator

Farmers wanting to incorporate higher levels of organic matter at a relatively shallow depth are the target of the new Amazone Certos heavy compact disc harrow.

It is available in working widths of 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m, with 660mm diameter scalloped discs, staggered with an offset of 350mm to give an aggressive operation.

When equipped with an air braking system, it is approved for speeds of up to 40kph, allowing for quick road transport. The drawbar is spring-loaded to improve driver comfort.

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Depth control is carried out by a combination of the rear consolidation roller and the front guide wheels and is adjusted hydraulically, on the move, from the tractor seat.

Fitted to the 5m Certos 5001-2TX at Cereals will be the new Matrix 650 KW M wedge ring roller with its ultra-large diameter cleated rubber rings plus the GreenDrill 500 catch crop seeder box.

Mzuri 6m Pro-Til

Mzuri Pro Til 6T drill

This 6m, 17-row version of the Mzuri Pro-Til strip tillage drill is aimed at those with 300-400hp tractors who want speedy one-pass crop establishment.

Called the Pro-Til 6T, it uses the same layout and sequence of soil treatments established by the 3m and 4m versions.

New features include electronic grain monitoring, alarm and control system, double-acting hydraulic cylinders on the soil-loosening tines as well as the coulters, and separate storm-proof hatches for the seed and fertiliser compartments in the hopper.

Each winged tine is positioned behind a trash-cutting disc and is designed to work effectively from as little as 2in deep while placing fertiliser to give crops an early feed.

Loosened soil is immediately consolidated by press wheels with uprated tyres to handle the weight of the 6T and positioned both sides of a substantial box beam axle.

Seed and fertiliser are measured out using interchangeable fluted rollers in Mzuri metering units with electric drive for easy calibration, half-width sowing and variable seed rates.

The metering units are constructed using stainless steel and have bearings with steel balls running in an open, self-cleaning nylon casing to help keep the metering mechanism running smoothly.

An electronic control package using the latest RDS Artemis display is introduced with the new drill. It will become an option for Pro-Til 3 and Pro-Til 4 drills.

John Deere R9441 trailed sprayer

John Deere R944i trailed sprayer

John Deere’s high-spec 4,400-litre trailed sprayer will make its UK show debut at Boothby Graffoe. It has the same basic features as the larger M- and R-series sprayers up to 6,200 litres, but with a smaller tank size.

Both new versions have the same low-profile tank design and low centre of gravity for maximum stability under all spraying conditions, while the established axle steering system provides accurate tracking on the headlands to reduce wheeling damage.

Twin-piston diaphragm sprayer pumps supply liquid at 560 litres/min for fast automatic filling and spraying and an optional centrifugal pump boosts filling capacity to 700 litres/min.

Booms go from 24-30m (double-folding) and 24-40m (triple-folding). These have a central pendulum for boom levelling, anti-yaw suspension, vertical and horizontal boom breakaway protection and durable pivot points.

Optional extras include the BoomTrac auto boom height control system, pressure recirculation and AutoDilute.

The SolutionCommand automatic solution management system with AutoDilute lets the operator accurately fill, agitate, spray and multi-cycle rinse the sprayer, disposing of residues at the push of a button.

Spaldings portable weighing system

Spaldings ag vehicle weigher

Cereals isn’t just about field machinery, there is plenty of grain store equipment too.

Spaldings says it has been working with an Italian weighing system manufacturer during the past six months to develop a new wireless dynamic weighing system.

The complete kit retails at £6,995 and consists of a wooden levelling track to give a stable and accurate reading, wireless aluminium weighing platforms with six stainless steel load-cells per pad to provide accuracy of +/- 5kg and a digital colour weight indicator unit with touchscreen and printer.

Weigh-in-motion provides an accurate record of weights entering and leaving the farm. The 950x611mm platforms are lightweight, fully mobile and do not require expensive installation.

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Unia Max Cultivator

Manterra UniaMax pre-sowing cultivator

East Yorkshire farm machinery maker Manterra will be launching its Unia Max seed-bed cultivator in the UK.

The Max is made in Poland and is claimed to be a strong, cost-effective spring tine cultivator with mounted or semi-mounted width options from 3m to 9m.

Key features of the Max are said to be good contour following, multiple levelling boards to give a quality finish and a range of finishing roller options.

Unia Max seed-bed cultivators start at £4,995 for a 3m version and £8,995 for the 6m model.

Kuhn Espro min-till drill

Kuhn Espro min-till drill

French maker Kuhn says its 6m minimum tillage drill can be pulled by a 200hp tractor and drill accurately at forward working speeds up to a speedy 17kph.

Two rows of 460mm concave discs open the soil and incorporate the residues into the surface layers, creating a fine tilth and functioning effectively even in heavy conditions, says the company.

These are followed by a row of 900mm diameter press wheels, said to reduce the overall rolling resistance of the drill.

A headland management mode allows the working elements to be lifted in sequence on approaching the headland to allow drilling to continue right up to the field edge.

The metering unit is stopped with the lifting of the front tools to ensure that seed in the delivery hoses is placed in the soil before the elements are lifted.

The 6m Espro 6000 R and a 3m Espro 3000 version will be available from summer 2015.


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