Cherokee fungicide problem solved

The problem surrounding the compatibility agent required for use with Syngenta’s new fungicide Cherokee  (cyproconazole, propiconazole and chlorothalonil) has been solved, according to the firm’s Matthew Pickard.

“It was a quality control issue, but our formulation people have been working hard in the past few days and are now happy everything is okay.”

The new batch of CA237, which is required to prevent particles forming in spray tanks at low water temperatures, has been tested, and product should be available from distributors early next week (w/c 3 April).

Originally, the recently launched product was to be supplied with an anti-flocculation partner that prevents particles forming in the tank at low water temperatures.

“We tested several options way back in the autumn and we found one that worked but what we’ve produced [this spring] is not what we actually tested – this is a manufacturing issue,” said Mr Pickard.

The problem was identified at the end of last week (w/e 19 March) when the results of tests of the first batches of the compatibility agent became available. “We only received registration in mid-February,” he said. “We don’t manufacture lots of product in advance to avoid having it sit around.

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