Combines struggle on between the showers

Combines are still struggling on between the showers, with crops standing in water in some parts of the country.

Phil Dowson’s wheat was under water near Richmond, Yorks, but was still standing and looking reasonable.

“Today (20 August) is the first dry day we’ve had in a couple of weeks,” he said. “Travelling on the land is going to be a problem.”

Richard Kane had recorded six inches of rain since the first week in July in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and had been rained off his oat harvest three times.

“It’s not panic stations yet – the wheat won’t be fit until the end of this week (22 August),” he said.

In Leicestershire, Brian Coates had been cutting Gladiator second wheat, and was disappointed with the results. “The wheat is inconsistent.”

But Philip Chamberlain was pleased with his Hereward winter wheat near Wallingford, Oxon, with yields ranging from 7.5-9t/ha (3-3.6t/acre).

“We walked away from the oats to try to get the milling wheat,” he said. Sample results on both protein and Hagberg were fine so far.

Further south, Jonathan Tipples was on combining wheat at Reed Court Farm, Marden, Kent, today (20 August).

The Einstein was yielding about 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre), which was very pleasing, he said.

Some flat patches had started to sprout, but the remainder was still looking alright. “What the quality will be like by next week I don’t know.”



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