CropMonitor: Rain raises UK septoria risk

Farmers Weekly has teamed up with CropMonitor to bring the latest disease risk predictions across England and Wales

At the Live Monitoring sites, crop growth stages varied from GS31 to GS37 (flag leaf emerging). More advanced crops on farm have reached GS39 (flag leaf emerged) with the T2 fungicide sprays due to be applied.

Septoria tritici
After a relatively dry start to the Live Monitoring season, rainfall in most areas during the last few weeks has seen an increasing weather risk for septoria at all locations. Many sites still have few if any visible symptoms on the upper emerged leaf layers, as a consequence of late emergence, backward growth and the cold start to spring.

However, the disease risk has increased to moderate in many areas, and it is now moderate to high towards the South West.


Yellow rust
With one exception (Canterbury), the weather risk for yellow rust has been medium or high during recent weeks. So far the disease has only developed at three sites: Caythorpe in Lincs, Terrington in Norfolk and Cirencester. The latter is worst affected, but the plots here emerged earlier. The disease risk in most regions continues to be high for very susceptible varieties and moderate for others that are susceptible, but it is lower towards the South East.

Brown rust
Brown rust is absent from all varieties at the Live Monitoring sites. With unfavourable weather having dominated in all areas, the disease risk is currently low.

Recent weather has not been favourable for mildew at any of the locations, resulting in mainly low risk conditions. Nevertheless, the disease is very active at Telford, where all varieties are affected and symptoms are moderate to severe, and a number of varieties have slight infections at Caythorpe. Over much of he country the disease risk remains low, but it is higher towards the North West.

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