Did yesterday’s sun help your harvest?

Sunny, dry and hot weather – it’s been a while since we’ve heard that phrase – across large parts of the UK yesterday will have come as welcome relief to hard-pressed arable farmers.

With vast tracts of crops still to be cut, the drier weather will not only have helped the combines to roll, but in some cases, allowed over-worked dryers a bit of respite.

But how far have you got with your harvest?

Harvest map

On Tuesday we did a straw poll which revealed that in some areas there was more than half the crop still to cut – perhaps less unusual in the North and Scotland, but further south many are still a long way behind.

So what’s the situation on your farm? Help us gather a picture of where harvest has got to by posting a comment on our harvest progress forum thread. Just let us know in percent terms how your harvest progress compares with ‘average’ and where in the UK you farm.

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