Direct injection aims to speed potato planting

Driven by customer demand, Techneat has developed a direct chemical injection system for in-furrow Amistar application, which will speed up planting operations, according to designer Tom Neat.

The new system fits onto the planter and meters Amistar into the spray line from a 20-litre tank holding enough chemical to treat 6ha.

“It saves time as growers no longer need to pre-mix Amistar, allowing the water tank to be filled more quickly.

The 20-litre tank does not require washing out after each use as with the old system, and can be left with concentrate in and washed out at the end of planting, a further time saving for the grower,” says Mr Neat.

“The accuracy of dose will also be improved because the concentration is set on the dosing unit and not reliant on the operator measuring out chemical,” he adds.

The system can be fitted to all existing Techneat Amistar applicators and is priced at 690 per unit.