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Advice, case studies and insights on good nutrient management and fertiliser application for the best crop yields and quality. Get tips on when and how to apply nitrogen fertiliser to keep costs down, how to avoid nutrition deficiencies, problems such as lodging and how to achieve good sulphur levels for healthy soils.

Advice and tips


How to make sure you hit protein target for milling wheat

Milling wheat growers may have to apply extra nitrogen this spring to make sure they hit breadmaking standards, especially if top-quality wheat is in short supply and milling premiums rise.…


Advice on growing peas to replace failed OSR crops

Combinable pea drilling is well under way across the UK, and farmers will need to be on top of their agronomy if crops are to perform, in what could prove…


Top tips on managing late disease in potatoes after diquat

The loss of diquat means potato crop desiccation will be a longer and more protracted process, which could increase the risk of late-season diseases such as tuber blight and rhizoctonia.…


What English spring barley growers can learn from the Scots

English spring barley growers could take a leaf out of their Scottish neighbour’s agronomy manuals and focus on crop nutrition, and micronutrients in particular, to see yields climb above 10t/ha.…

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Case studies


How grower uses a carbon calculator to track no-till success

Carbon accounting is one of the measures Overbury Farms is using to gauge the success of the major agronomic changes it has made over the past decade. The move to…


Biostimulant use cuts grower's fungicide cost to just £12/ha

Biological crop stimulants play a vital role at Cambridgeshire-based Abington Farms, where timely biostimulant applications have significantly increased winter wheat yields and reduced fungicide costs. Simon Chaplin, Abington farm director,…


Wheat grower hits protein target using root test

Shropshire farm manager Jon Birchall has successfully trialled a new milling wheat protein prediction test to make sure he hits breadmaking standards with clear financial benefits. Sampling his crops in…


Berks wheat grower cuts nitrogen and hits milling protein

Berkshire milling wheat grower Nick Philp is cutting his nitrogen fertiliser use by using a foliar product while increasing his chances of hitting breadmaking quality. Feeding little and often with…

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How a better understanding of oat agronomy will lift yields

Researchers are addressing the urgent need for better agronomy knowledge for spring oats, which has the potential to become a high-yielding breakcrop. Not only will the new benchmark figures help…

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New soil treatment slashes phosphate fertiliser bills

Farmers can slash their phosphorus fertiliser bills and benefit the environment thanks to a new product that converts unavailable phosphate into a crop-available form. Many high calcium or high pH…


Sort crop nutrition and gain £500/field with YEN Nutrition

Grain growers could gain £500/field if they get crop nutrition spot on, and this has prompted crop consultants Adas to launch an initiative to help achieve this benefit. Cereal, oilseed…


Growers begin tissue testing after wet winter

Berkshire wheat grower Dan Willis is expecting to have to top up his crop nutrition applications this spring as tissue testing starts following an extremely wet winter. Major crop nutrients,…


Essex family team wins top milling wheat award

Father-and-son team Stephen and James Perry won the top prize to be the leading milling wheat farmers at harvest 2019, with a strategy based on the timely applications of inputs…

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Test and reviews


New drill options for seed-bed fertiliser

New options for growers wanting to apply dry fertiliser when sowing spring cereal crops take different approaches to delivering the material, either down the same spout as the seed or…


Spirit fertiliser and seed into place

Growers in Scotland who like to put down some fertiliser with their cereal seed will welcome the  the Spirit Next System Disc Combo (SDC). Using standard components throughout, the SDC…

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Video: Potato planting races ahead in the Suffolk sunshine

Potato planting kicked off this week on one large Suffolk Breckland estate, with high hopes for the early-maturing crop after it went into the ground in ideal conditions. The light…


Video: Farm uses drone to even up rapeseed yields

Reducing variation in the thickness of oilseed rape canopies in a bid to pump up yields is the focus at one family farm in Northumberland, using a drone to provide…


Video: Wheat yield record-holders tell us how they did it

Two world wheat yield record-holders came face-to-face in a New Zealand vs Northumberland match after Kiwi Eric Watson pipped Rod Smith’s record with a recipe of low seed rates and…


Video: How to properly set up a crop sprayer

Crop spraying is one of the most important and highly skilled jobs undertaken on any arable farm, but it is facing increased public scrutiny. This is why it is vital…

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