Don’t leave control out in the cold

DON‘T LET cold weather delay blackgrass control, wheat growers have been advised.

Growers concerned that all herbicides will not work due to falling temperatures should not worry, as there are still other options, according to Syngenta.

“While some herbicides may well be affected by cold temperatures, there are still other cold weather options,” said the firm‘s technical manager, Iain Hamilton.

While symptoms could take around three weeks longer to appear in colder weather, herbicide efficacy will not be lost just because temperatures are cooling, he explained.

For sensitive blackgrass at the 1-2 leaf stage, he recommended growers use a programme of Hawk (clodinafop-propargyl + trifluralin) with isoproturon.

A follow up spray of a sulfonylurea herbicide could be used on an “as needed” basis once temperatures rise and weed growth resumes, he said.

According to FWi Weather Services, much of the country should turn colder by the weekend (Nov 20-21), but remaining largely dry and breezy.

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