Dow issues new advice for wheat herbicide Broadway Star

Dow AgroSciences has issued new advice for the effective use of its wheat herbicide Broadway Star to control grassweeds this spring.

The revised guidelines give growers more flexibility in the herbicide programmes they can use in conjunction with the product.

Stuart Jackson, Dow’s agronomy leader, said growers unable to make applications of Broadway Star in the autumn for the control of sterile brome and great brome should make a spring application of the product before the brome gets to three tillers during a period of active growth.

“If growers are concerned that there may be a subsequent spring emergence, they can tank-mix in 800g AI/ha of pendimethalin,” says Mr Jackson.

To target wild oats and ryegrass, Mr Jackson advises growers to apply Broadway Star, ideally at mid-tillering of the grass weeds in the spring. Where an autumn residual has not been applied, growers may have to follow up with clodinafop or Axial (pinoxaden) to achieve complete control in some cases, he adds.

Broadway Star, containing pyroxsulam and florasulam, was launched last spring as a wild oat, ryegrass and brome grassweed killer.

It also controls a wide range of broadleaved weeds including cleavers, chickweed, mayweeds and pansies, which may negate the need for an additional broadleaved weed herbicide in the spring.