Early winter wheat yields up 3%, spring barley nearly 13%

Winter wheat yields in early trials are 3% higher and spring barley nearly 13% above long-term averages reflecting the better results seen from winter barleys and oilseed rape after a good growing season.

The average yield of standard control winter wheat varieties reached 10.47t/ha, 0.32t/ha above a five-year average, with the best yields coming from Suffolk at 12.94t/ha, according to AHDB Recommended List trials.

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The data includes six trial sites with Gator (106%), Kielder (105%) and Santiago (105%) leading the feed wheats, and Skyfall (102%) and Trinity (100%) heading the bread wheats.

Using five-year averages, which the AHDB says are a better guide for picking varieties to drill this autumn, the feed wheats were led by Reflection (106%),  Evolution (105%) and Santiago (105%), while Skyfall at 101% led the milling wheats.

Spring barley control varieties showed yields of 8.33t/ha, up 0.95t/ha or nearly 13% on a five-year average, with the spring crop mirroring the impressive yields seen with winter varieties.

Data from five trial sites in England show the leading varieties were Sienna (106%), Irina (104%) Octavia (104%), Odyssey (104%) and Planet 104%, while feed varieties were led by Scholar (105%) and Shada (104%).

Winter barley continued to show impressive yields, with control varieties up 11% on a five-year average from 17 trial sites from south-west England to Aberdeenshire.

Six-row varieties stood out, led by Bazooka (109%), Belfry (106%) and Volume (106%), while leading two-row varieties Glacier, Tower and Infinity all yielded 101%.

Yields of oilseed rape control varieties in the northern region of the UK were 16% ahead of a four-year average from four trial sites in Teesside, the Scottish Borders, Midlothian and Fife.

Gross outputs yields from the trials of control varieties reached 5.99t/ha, some 0.84t/ha above a four-year average, with the top varieties being Campus (108%), V316OL (107%) and Anastasia (107%).

Looking at the four-year average gross output figures, leading varieties were Harnas (111%), Anastasia (110%), Campus (110%), Explicit (109%) and V316OL (110%).

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