East: Are we are getting near to the end?

The last three weeks has had quite an effect on many crops mainly due to, at last, some warm nights. Many wheat crops now have a good colour and have grown to a reasonable height, though not as tall as normal. The growth stage of many are now at early infloresence or the later ones at full flag and not far behind the earlier crops. It is now up to the weather going forward as to how late harvest will be.

Disease levels at the time of writing this are still low, though the recent weather pattern of hot and humid is ideal for disease development. Looking at the many demo plots of varieties has, however, shown up the usual suspects showing disease in the untreated plots. Yellow rust in our plots in Suffolk has Oakley exhibiting enlarging foci, but nothing in the treated areas.

Septoria is at trace levels in most of the varieties so far, though many of the newer ones are still clean. All fungicide treated plots are totally clean.

The main focus now is the ear wash, as the chance of fusarium has heightened with the current weather and crops beginning to flower, preferably lets not have a repeat of last season please.

Spring barleys especially the ones drilled in the second wave look very well and reaching flag leaf, there is optimism about their yield capacity.

Oilseed rape has frankly staggered most of us,the large areas of seemingly bare ground a month ago have been transformed into thick swages of flowering rape! So a crop will be harvested but there is going to be a lot of head scratching over desiccating. There have been many articles in the press about the benefits of pod sealants and they will certainly be the saviour of many erratic crops Sugar beet in my realm are now nearly all meeting in the row and look very useful Though not out of the woods things look a lot better than they did a month ago.


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