East: Spring crops need some rain

What a difference a month makes, with the last crop of Spring Linseed being drilled into a “dustbowl” last week. Most spring crops are now well established although spring barley drilled early in February has struggled with the prolonged cold and wet weather resulting in slightly patchy plant stands. Those drilled in early April have established very well and looking at some winter oilseed rape crops we wish we had perhaps re-drilled a larger area, as some of them have failed to grow away from the pigeons.

Spring beans and peas are coming through well with weevil controlled with an insecticide following leaf notching at emergence. Pre-emergence sprays have done a good job on the whole, although some crops will require a Basagran (bentazone) follow up, along with some grass weed control. Spring OSR and sugar beet is at the 1 leaf stage, however, dare I say will require some rain to maintain good growth, 26mm in April this year compared to 116mm last April tells its own story!

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