Easy Kent harvest

The past few days’ rain has completely dodged Gosmere Farm, Faversham, Kent according to grower Bill Harbour.

This has contributed to an ‘easy’ harvest where everything is ripening together and keeping things moving.

Oilseed rape on the farm has had mixed quality. Castille has grown well with a yield of 4.8t/ha whilst Winner has struggled to establish with a yield of 2.5t/ha.

Xi19 wheat has also performed as expected with a yield of 11.8t/ha and a bushel weight in the low 80s.

The peas which are under contract with Batchelors have done very well at 4.8t/ha and Mr Harbour is very pleased with their performance.

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Variety: Castille
• Area: 40ha
• Yield: 4.8t/ha
• Quality: Moisture 7.5%

• Crop: Oil seed rape
• Variety: Winner
• Area: 30ha
• Yield: 2.5t/ha
• Quality: Moisture 7.5%

• Crop: Wheat
• Variety: XI 19
• Area: 50ha
• Yield: 11.8t/ha
• Quality: Bushel wt low 80’s

• Crop: Peas
• Variety: Cabona
• Area: 38ha

• Yield: 4.8t/ha

Author: Stuart Ames

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