Egyptian wheat exports a step closer

A BREAKTHROUGH agreement that could see the UK begin wheat exports to Egypt has just been reached by the Home Grown Cereals Authority.

The agreement between HGCA and the Egyptian state buying organisation, GASC, commits both parties to do all they can to facilitate trade with UK exporters.

It follows on from the announcement earlier this year that GASC has included the UK on its list of potential suppliers for the first time.

“Egypt imports between six and seven million tonnes of wheat each year and has long been recognised as a market for the UK to target,” said HGCA assistant director of crop marketing, Andrew Flux.

“This is a significant step towards establishing a successful long term working relationship and will bring about new opportunities for UK exporters.”

But he acknowledges there is still a large amount of work to do by UK traders to bring the terms of the agreement to fruition.

Egyptian minister of supply and internal trade, Hassan Khedr hoped the agreement would lead to the delivery of UK wheat to Egypt.

“We are keen to have a diverse supply of wheat to meet our needs and are pleased to sign this agreement to strengthen the working relationship between the UK and Egypt.”