Essex wheat harvest in full flow

Tom Bradshaw began harvesting his Cordiale wheat 10 days ago near Chelmsford, Essex.

So far he has been happy with the results, saying “it’s all better than average but nothing so far has been outstanding”.

Yields were pushing 9.88 t/ha (4 t/acre) while nothing has really been too far below 9 t/ha (3.64 t/acre).

So far 100ha (250 acres) has been harvested, consisting of Cordiale, Malacca, Soissons and Einstein.

The big surprise so far was the good yield of Soissons.

“For an old variety its done very well – on paper its supposed to be 15% lower yielding than the new varieties but it was still coming in at 9 t/ha (3.64 t/acre).

“We weren’t going to grow it again next year but with these high yields I’ll have to give it some consideration.”

Mr Bradshaw hasn’t had the results back but suspects specific weights for Malacca were slightly low. But he’s confident it will pass the requirements.

Mr Bradshaw has another 280ha (700 acres) still to harvest and hopes the weather remains dry enough for him to do it in relative ease.

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