Export brand for UK wheats

UK WHEATS will be given new export branding categories to boost their appeal to overseas buyers.

The Home-Grown Cereals Authority said it was working on a system that would help foreign millers grade the suitability of UK varieties against wheats from other destinations.

Visiting millers at a recent HGCA Bread Baking Workshop identified the need for change.

“We need a system of classification for UK wheats,” said Rachid Chamcham, production manager of the Moroccan milling company, Moulins du Maghreb.

“For the UK to export wheat to my country, it would be helpful if there was a system in place that let us all speak the same language.

“We do not know all your varieties,” he added.

HGCA exports manager Andrew Flux confirmed the organisation is currently working with the industry to establish export branding.

“Overseas millers have been asking for a simpler system that will give them the reassurance that what they buy will guarantee them certain baking properties.”

The new export classification for UK varieties will help them compete directly with wheats from other countries that already sell their grain on this basis.

It will provide an easy way for overseas buyers to compare UK wheat with that from other countries, explained Mr Flux.

The new branding categories will work in a similar way to the current NABIM milling groups, but will be tailored to the specific quality requirements overseas buyers are looking for.

The export branding will be launched at the European Bourse in Paris, in November 2004.

• More details on the proposals can be found in  FARMERS WEEKLY Arable section, May 28 issue.

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