Farmer Focus Arable: Beer costing six bags of spuds shocks Martin Lawrenson

An assurance scheme inspection can be stressful at the best of times but in the last week of February we had a total of four. The ACCS and APS inspections were fairly straightforward as we have been members for some years.

We have also decided to join the ABM scheme for beef and lamb again after opting out for a couple of years.

The last inspection was for the poultry enterprise which luckily was handled by our poultry man. Again we passed apart from a couple of minor faults.

Now we have had inspections of every aspect of our farming enterprise, it is reassuring to know we are doing our job properly. However, would we manage without them?

Luckily after that week we were off to France for a skiing holiday. It was the first time we had been for 12 years and I wasn’t sure how my decidedly creaky knees would hold out.

They were fine until we decided to stop for a beer in a bar on the slopes. Only when the bill came did we realise that it cost £12 per pint. It was then the old knees nearly gave way. I couldn’t help thinking it was the same price as six bags of spuds. I tend to work most things out in spuds.

After that we stuck to drinking beer from the supermarket in our chalet, which was very reasonable at only half a bag of spuds per bottle.

Last month I mentioned we had a water leak somewhere under the yard. We haven’t found it yet but our drainage contractor has found a novel way of stopping it without digging up the yard. He has just driven his drainer through the water main in the field. We are now the proud owners of a small lake.

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